The BMW R 1200 GS will be the first series-production all-wheel drive hybrid motorcycle.


The story of cars getting varied wheel drive systems have become old now and the bike with two-wheel drive system is the new trend. BMW has made this happen by displaying a new technology. The motorcycle best suited for this tech was a careful task to choose and the company has selected R 1200 GS which is meant for its versatility and all-terrain capabilities. Which, now makes it the first enduro motorcycle with all-wheel hybrid technology being ready for consumers.

To be known as xDrive Hybrid, the amazing machinery carries the same engine and power for the rear wheel but a motor has been assembled for the front wheel. For supplying the energy, the company’s i battery kit has been mounted which collects the energy while braking the bike and releases while acceleration to make the normal engine and hub work in unison. The hub has been directly synchronised with the ABS for an extensively controlled stopping action. This arrangement cuts down the need for twin disc which ultimately sheds the weight of the bike.

Power coming from the rear wheel is the same as earlier with 125 PS at 7750 RPM and 125 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM. The hybrid implementation for the front wheel makes it generate 46.5 PS of power. Therefore, when the all-wheel system is switched on, the total power generation comes out to be 170 PS which makes it a behemoth. Resultantly, now the monster will scramble the hills in way more efficient manner.

The operation key for two-wheel-drive can be controlled by the switch on the left switchgear and it could be either automatic or manual. BMW claims the prowess of this tech with a wide chest and says that it has been tested in harshest condition at north pole. That makes for a reliable machine to go for.

Launching duration of this BMW R 1200 GS xDrive Hybrid is not confirmed yet but when dropped down to dealerships, riders with enough bucks to spent will rush without any ado.


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